Our Response to COVID-19

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to reach out and provide some information to help guide you as we continue to provide care for our patients in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

First off, it is unlikely that your pets will be affected by Covid-19. However, we are still learning about this virus in people and pets. So, if someone in your household is infected we recommend isolating your pet from the infected person. As we learn more we can provide more guidance.

Secondly as we treat patients at the clinic we are going to reduce people traffic to a minimum. We ask that only 1 person accompany a pet for their appointment. If you need to bring others with you, we ask that they remain in your vehicle. We can arrange to come get your pet from the car and administer treatments for appointments.

If you are ill, please call us so we can best help your pet and keep everyone safe and healthy. We are going to be flexible and creative in making sure we can all stay safe and healthy AND still get our patients cared for properly. Please call us if you need something or would like to discuss logistics! We are here to help.

Here are some links for more information regarding Covid 19.

Pet information

People information