Less Stress Getting to the Vet

Hello pet parents. I think we can all attest that getting pets to the veterinary clinic is sometimes not the easiest task. We’ve got some tips to help you with future visits.

Prepare your cat for their carrier by having it available to them anytime. Dragging the carrier out right before an appointment leads to stress and confusion of your pet. If they are already comfortable with the carrier’s existence, you can coax them in there easier and off to the vet you can go. Feed meals in or around the carrier and play games to make the carrier a normal and fun part of their environment. Using feliway spray or wipes (cat calming pheromones) on the kennel can also help reduce stress of traveling.

The same applies to leashes for dogs; introduce the leash often for walks, going outdoors or car rides. When the leash comes out for a car ride to vet, perhaps your pup will be none the wiser. Plan visits with your dog to the clinic for frequent weight checks. This will allow your pet to socialize, look around the lobby and be familiar with the smell of the clinic without having to get their temperature taken or vaccines done.

Another helpful tip is try to limit food or treats prior to the visit so your pet will have an appetite and treats at the clinic will be useful as a distraction. You should have some of his/her favorite treats on hand to reward for good behavior. If you have the time; play or go for a walk prior to the appointment, this will give your pet the opportunity to burn off some nervous energy.

Once you arrive, keep your pet calm. They can be very in tune to our emotions. If they know you are anxious or nervous, they will be too. Should you have to wait in the lobby, keep your pet in your lap or by your side and leashed at all times. Pet your dog frequently and softly and help keep them calm; speak softly and calmly to them also. If you are bringing in your cat; keep your cat in the carrier at all times until safely in the exam room.

No matter the reason for the appointment; whether vaccinations, allergy issues or illness, you yourself should try and remain calm and upbeat through the appointment. We will use all available techniques to help keep your pet calm and relaxed. If there is too much stress for your pet we may reschedule or utilize anti-anxiety medications to help keep things calm.

If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment for your pet. Please call our clinic at 417-725-2386.

We appreciate you choosing Gentle Care Animal Hospital for your pets care.