Canine Noise Aversion

Hello there Gentle Care clients. Independence Day is right around the corner and we wanted to let you know that there is help for dogs with anxiety toward loud noises; AKA Noise Aversion.

What is Noise Aversion? It’s a fearful or anxious response to sounds inside the pets’ environment like thunder, fireworks, loud crowds, celebrations like parades, loud engines, doors slamming and gun shots. It is stressful for your dog and is likely stressful for you as well.

Look for the signs. How does your dog react to loud noises? Does your pet exhibit any of these behaviors?

  • Pacing or restlessness
  • Lip smacking
  • Trembling, shaking, or cowering
  • Hiding
  • Cowering
  • Refuses to eat
  • Abnormal clinginess toward owner
  • Vocalizing (whining/barking in response to that noise)

If you suspect that your dog suffers from noise aversion, there is help. Please make appointment to see us and we can discuss treatment options to help your pet. In helping your dog through an event, you too will feel better. Changes you can start now are below.

  1. Use an interior room with no windows and make a “safe” spot with bedding and toys. Utilize this room at times other than storms/noise to make sure the pet feels comfortable and safe.
  2. Have the TV or radio on to help mask the intermittent loud noises of thunder or fireworks.
  3. Get a thundershirt or other anxiety wrap to use during times of anxiety.
  4. Try to have highly valuable/desired treats available and give them when the noises occur to try and help pets anticipate good things happening with noises rather than fear.

Medications to reduce anxiety are available and can be used along with the above recommendations. Medications do not make animals go to sleep, they just help reduce anxiety so we can provide other comforts more effectively.