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Less Stress Getting to the Vet

Hello pet parents. I think we can all attest that getting pets to the veterinary clinic is sometimes not the easiest task. We’ve got some tips to help you with future visits.


Year-Round Heartworm Protection

With the change of the season some might think less time spent outdoors and cooler temps means insects are less active, however, that is not always true. Disease carrying insects are a year round potential risk in our part of Missouri. It simply does not get cold enough to eliminate mosquitos entirely. The same goes for fleas and ticks. It really is serious business when someone’s pet is diagnosed with heartworms.

We hear that dog owners sometimes forget to give their dogs an oral or topical heartworm preventive at the time every month - it happens. But missed or delayed doses mean that the dog could be at risk of developing heartworm disease.


Obesity and Nutrition

We thought this month would be a good time to address pet nutrition and obesity. We have found in veterinary medicine there are few subjects as emotionally loaded and full of personal opinion as the food debate; what and how much we feed our pets. Nutrition is such an important part of our pet's health and longevity and we strive to help address concerns and issues with choosing foods and maintaining healthy body weights.


Canine Noise Aversion

Independence Day is right around the corner and we wanted to let you know that there is help for dogs with anxiety toward loud noises; AKA Noise Aversion.

What is Noise Aversion? It’s a fearful or anxious response to sounds inside the pets’ environment like thunder, fireworks, loud crowds, celebrations like parades, loud engines, doors slamming and gun shots. It is stressful for your dog and is likely stressful for you as well.


Tips for Pets and Vacation

This is the season many take vacations and travel so I thought I’d expand on this topic should you include your pet(s). I have put together some tips for pet-friendly vacation travel that will hopefully help eliminate any undue stress on yourself and your pet(s).


Fecal Screening

Now that it's May there are so many things to look forward to; school getting out, vacations, picnics, and warm weather. Since many of our pets accompany us on our summer outings, we wanted to talk about fecal screening for parasites.


Changes in Aging Pets

I thought we'd talk about changes in an aging pet. This is not a favorite topic for most pet owners but an important discussion none the less. Having just a little information makes the situation easier to manage and handle when our four legged family member hits senior status.


Facts About Heartworm Disease

We hear that dog owners sometimes forget to give their dogs an oral or topical heartworm preventive at the time every month - it happens. But missed or delayed doses mean that the dog could be at risk of developing heartworm disease.


February is National Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month Do you have questions about taking care of your pet’s teeth? We’ve answered some commonly asked questions.


Flea and Tick Readiness

What a winter we have had, or should I say, didn't have?!? It is time to address the subject of fleas and ticks. In this part of the country we can talk about this year round. It just doesn't get cold enough or for long enough to slow these blood thirsty insects down. The harmful effects of fleas and ticks can reach far beyond severe discomfort. Both fleas and ticks can carry serious diseases that are dangerous to both you and your pet.


Holiday Foods, Toxins, & Our Pets

The holidays are upon us and what a wonderful time of year to share with family, friends and our pets. This is also a very busy time of year, and we must be watchful of what our pets are up to. The holiday season can be a dangerous and toxic season for dogs and cats. We want to take this time and address some of those issues. As much as we like to see our patients, we would rather our clients and patients enjoy their holidays and avoid any pet emergencies.


Home Again

We should talk about why you should consider microchipping your pet. Let's face it, dogs and cats can get out and become lost. Doors get left open, gates aren't closed properly, storms or fireworks scare nervous pets and off they go. If your pet gets lost traveling they may not know where home is located. Microchipping is a great way to have a permanent identification of your beloved pet in case anything were to happen.


Pet Nutrition Guidelines

Proper nutrition for pets is one of the most imperative, yet easiest, methods of ensuring superior health. As in people, the appropriate diet helps pets to live longer, healthier lives. Overweight cats and dogs are at higher risk for many illnesses. It is all too easy to spoil our pets with fatty, high calorie people food. Our pets look at us with "those eyes" and we give them a nibble or two and thus the cycle continues. Fresh veggies are always better options for giving snacks to our pets. In addition, a high-quality diet can help prevent or manage certain disease processes.


Winter Safety, You & Your Pets

Brrr... Winter is upon us. We hopefully have about 2 more months of the cold, well, more like 3 months. We would like to take this opportunity to discuss winter safety for pets and their owners.


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